Have you ever imagine that there is supposed to have a slide from your window to go down straight to the gate, and still another one to set for the rooftop!

Yes, I am.
( I am wondering if Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, have to say it on 19th May.)

In the world with aging populations, people are paying concerns to the movement of the elders, especially the caring of the ankles.
Yes.. then why not!

We need a slide from we are in the budding ages so we could go downstairs, well it should be go downslide with less pressures to our precious legs and ankles who accompany us for decades during our lifetime. Furthermore, we could practice more climbing to strengthen the muscles as we are so tend to protect our legs for longer usability, the benefit comes in both physically and psychologically as the strong muscle will protect our ankles from damage and the joy of sliding keeping us in jocund.

OMG, I am persuaded..

It's so much fun to slide down from the rooftop ♡

dream playground ing...

consist of,

  1. a spiral stairs that build along the old tree's support and then bridge to the rooftop
  2. a delicate pool as a imitating to the infinity pool ontop of the entrance
  3. breezing camp site and BBQ
  4. the lovely slide that we cannot resist to ride down to hang out with others
  5. observation deck to the Okinawa transparent ocean

photo source: Rachel McAdler